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7 thoughts on “Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Multiplayer Review

  1. why can these whining bitches stfu, for every 2 years of tiny ass 3 lane maps arcady shooter why can't i get a motherfucking year of a realistic non linear large maps to play in peace without hearing these fucking whining bitches that they want an arcady 3 lane tiny ass map every fucking year and they want to impose their playstyles on others. i don't want to play on tiny maps with no verticality like we are still in the ps2 era. these guys who rushes like crazy are the same losers who can't play other hardcore tactical shooters that provide a bone chilling experience like escape from tarkov, ww3, insurgency. These rushers usually suck on these hardcore games i just mentioned, so they need cod to cater to their playstyles cause they got their asses handed to them in these other games.

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