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13 thoughts on “Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare – Multiplayer Gameplay Premiere! | REACTION & REVIEW

  1. There is no mini map in mp
    Don't know how some of you guys feel about that I'm okay with that. You have to have actual line of site of people for the airstrikes it's more realistic. It's looking good though graphics wise. You have options to ride vehicles around some maps. The maps are great a lot of maps for us to look forward to. 20 vs 20 and 10 vs 10 as well to.

  2. I think peeps are getting too overly excited already. Hailing the game as the savoir of CoD is a little much. It looks like B-tech battlefield with CoDs new gunplay. I give it about 3-4 months before the game loses its fans again like every COD has since BO2 (Maybe BO3 that game P2W so fuck it). Plus No season pass is great and all but BO4 had some amount of Microtransactions with a season pass so I ain't holding my breath for this CoD…

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