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16 thoughts on “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019 Campaign Review

  1. For a split second at the beginning of the mission where u play as young Farah and ur in the rubble I thought it was a 9/11 mission. Wish they did that though. Like have you play as the people who hijacked the planes and flew them into the towers. Or be someone inside the towers and you have to get out alive. That would be badass, basically the "no russian" of the campaign.

  2. I almost hate this game, the plot of Strat, netcod srat. Only shooting and good graphics.
    text or Forgot Pro Matriarchal feminism to mention, Alexa merged as heel/a traitor(betrayed its country). In short pzdts…
    I wanted to to Farrah died, entire game waited, hoped .
    "Road of death" in wiki appeared after the attack of the States on the retreating troops in Iraq, then the Russians

  3. This campaign was absolutely brutal, but the best that I’ve ever played… I’ve never felt such emotion playing a call of duty game like I did this one

  4. If you're also interested in hearing about the multiplayer, check out my review!
    If you're interested in hearing about survival mode, also got that covered for ya!

  5. Nice review man, cod always made great campaigns especially the MW series , I think the worst was black ops 3 lol

  6. Play straight through the game last night. My favorite campaign since MW2. The room to room clearing missions are absolutely stunning.

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