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22 thoughts on “Call of Duty: Mobile Full Review & Guide

  1. COD is a legacy.
    Hope the team fixes everything before global launch.
    M extremely exited to play it again on my device as i have played its beta version in INDIA.

  2. I love this game. When it's beta was released in India I played it everyday, playing in better FPS is really awesome. I just hope after the global release they maintain proper bug fixes and don't turn out like Tencent's pubgM .

  3. Uhm….. Zombies are part of cod since waw so its valid to add zombies, since BO4 blackout has them also to give the mobile community the same experience as console/PC.

  4. Ahh those extra abilities eg drones when u kill certain amount of players, sounds like MC5, I played that a lot an and miss it too

  5. When is it coming out because I went on Google Play pre-register it does that mean I have to pay for it when does it come out can you anybody tell me please

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