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00:01:33 – Southeast Area
00:02:01 – Bakers Field (Pincushion)
00:07:10 – The Bends (Hogzilla)
00:11:34 – Northeast Area
00:12:25 – Swamp Line (Radar)
00:16:19 – The Ford (Double Shovel)
00:20:48 – Southwest Area
00:21:46 – Riverbed (Grey Ghost)
00:26:11 – Dust Trail (Airplane)
00:31:56 – Northwest Area
00:32:53 – Haunted Lodge (King of the Hill)
00:40:13 – Sheltershack (Scarface)


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40 thoughts on “Cabela's Big Game Hunter Pro Hunts – Intro's & Pro Slam Hunts [PC]

  1. The hunter call of the wild seems a MUCH harder than this game!….The Animal spook range is much further which means sneaking up on targets to get a kill is a lot harder. Also I noticed they are using the "Sniper Elite" aiming and bullet damage system (which i like) where as in "The hunter" you have no bullet drop or hit marker for long range shots when looking through the scope, making it pure guesswork (or at least an educated guess) when trying to hit things over 180/200 meter ranges!…..Other than that Cabela Big Game still seems a fun game to play!

  2. Get theHunter call of the wild then demand an easy mode cos fk took me 5wk's realtime to catch up with a puma i lost. Found it 4,5km away 5wk's later. It was a diamond score though.

  3. I actually have a question about hunting
    Are there really rare animals like ones that have a bigger antlers or a different fur pigmentations or being a different size from a normal version
    Or being known for doing certain thing or are they just fake I’m really curious and I want to know
    Maybe you hunters who have experience could answer this

  4. i don't like the way they portray hunting in this game as in with pin cushion you dont just run too a stand climb up in it and get a monster like you know how much noise it makes to do that

  5. I like how the game starts with telling to go downwind, him going upwind without repercussions and then shooting tiny deer with a 7mm. This is not even an arcade hunter, just a straight up sadism simulator with a fancy kill cam

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