Yo what’s up you guys it’s Bacardino back with a full BTS stadium reaction, this is the best concert I’ve ever been to. Long Live BTS, Long Live Love 🙂 Sorry if some of the footage is blurry or out of focus, I was too busy looking at them with my eyes and enjoying the show to pay attention to what I was filming most of the time 😛

source: https://thefirstworldwar.net/

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16 thoughts on “BTS At The Rose Bowl Day 1, Los Angeles Concert (Review, Fan Cam, Vlog)

  1. 21:10 you just described me ..literally feel like they are my brothers and best friends through their lyrics and words only

  2. V must have been shocked to see a hot dude fan in the crowd … .you're so lucky to have witnessed this magical moment with BTS…thanks for sharing.

  3. Hahaha thanks for this. I’m a straight dude too and just can’t look away. I think it’s because I never knew that dudes could have that much confidence, swagger, and talent. They’re unbelievable live performers. It’s crazy

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