Syafi Halim needed to go to UBD and I offered him a free ride in exchange for insider information regarding Brunei Social Influencers.

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Music by Dyalla Swain

All passengers featured are aware of being recorded and have given consent to usage of the footage.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored video.


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21 thoughts on “Brunei social influencers exposed | EPISODE 5

  1. Syafi halim wants to talk about being fake and shit? How about you talk about manners.. His contents are giving his followers platform to bully people(eg. Kurapak). Not funny dude. I used to follow syafi for his content, but its getting annoying.. You know what you did that triggered Kurapak to react. Just move on and stop bringing it up.. Also most of your viewers are young, be responsible of what you are posting next time.

  2. Hahaha.. sangat ada benarnya apa yg kawan kamu katakan tu Fasting bro 😆.. fake influencer, influencer yg 'tinggi hidung'nya.. haha.. apa2 pun saya terhibur tgk content kamu.. haha.. sambil2 bawa Dart, sambil2 buat content.. haha.. terbaik.. keep it up, bro.. salam damai dari Sabah. 😁

  3. 'Likes' can also be bought, so the assumption of you should have an 'x' number of 'likes' to the number of followers is incorrect. What matters is 'reach' and 'engagement' of the post. There are post with lower 'likes' that has a higher 'reach' than the ones with double amount of likes. This can be due to the number of shares, forwards, saves and DM the posting generates. Big companies uses apps with sophisticated algorithms that can classify the 'engagement' and speciality of a social media user. They also chooses people who are safe for their brand. One might have genuine followers and can make good content but if the behavior/tone/attitude/style of presentation doesn't align with the brand, you will be considered high risk of damaging how their products and services would be perceived.

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