Browsing the web with Windows XP (2018)
Can you browse the web using Windows XP?

During the video, You may see Windows 7. I am trying to get the Internet .exe setup file, But I failed it.

0:00 Start of the video
0:17 Beginning
1:16 Start of Windows XP
1:18 End of Support
1:30 Browser Opened
1:43 Browser setup
2:45 Trying Google
3:13 On the google site
3:19 Searching “Youtube”
4:04 Going to Firefox
4:53 Youtube and Firefox
5:32 Going to google and bing
6:30 Google and searching for “Opera browser”
7:55 Page opened
8:42 Froze
9:02 Unfreezed
9:30 Download of opera starts
10:33 Going to Windows 7 and find for browser
11:41 Phroton have a message
12:34 Closes the message
12:42 Firefox has worked
13:03 Download finished
14:17 Phroton have a message
15:42 Running setup
16:00 Setup
17:20 Installation
17:36 Setup complete
18:52 Runs firefox
19:41 Going to Youtube
20:12 On Youtube
20:36 Searches something
21:36 On my Channel
22:08 The End

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Screen recording: Bandicam
VirtualOS: Windows Virtual PC
OS: Windows XP
-Internet Explorer 8


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13 thoughts on “Browsing the web with Windows XP

  1. You don't understand why you get many dislikes? Well, I can only speak for myself. And I can only do so in reference to this particular video. So, let's begin shall we? 1) Your recording volume is turned up so loud that I got blasted with that little music blurb at the beginning. 2) After that though, I could only hear the rather distinctively annoying sound of you clicking your mouse – louder than I've EVER heard that sound. 3) You decline to provide any narration telling people what the hell you're doing & planning on doing. 4) Your video is titled, "Browsing the web with Windows XP," yet you are NOT browsing the web with Windows XP – you even 'print' as much [remember, you don't speak here] at the beginning. So, what's the point? NOTE: It's very difficult for most people (including myself) to get a reasonable sense of what's going on, without voice narration. It's what we're used to. Otherwise, we could just go read a book! But, having said that, I'm NOT suggesting you employ one of those horrid robo-reader things. They're god-awful! If you're not going to speak yourself, then provide some more useful type, such as bullet points or something. Truth in advertising IS a thing. If you don't do what you say you're going to do, people WILL let you know by disliking your video. In short, don't troll people, and put some thought into it. Sorry if that pisses you off, but there it is. Now, if you''ll excuse me, I'm going to see if I can find some actually useful recommendations on web browsers that actually ARE Windows XP. Thank you. Rikki Tikki.

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