36 thoughts on “Blackmagic BMPCC 6K – Magic or Tragic?

  1. Proper Canon batteries are the only batteries i've found that last a decent time all the other batteries are useless.
    Lcd viewfinder works great on the screen https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/254321301092

  2. Much GH5 users have speedboosters and use EF glass. Black Magic 6k is cinematic/lowlight part of gh5/bmpcc4k gears in mft life. 4k is great but dont have 4k60/50fps this is argument to try buy 6k to use in more controle record day. Overall my opinion is – GH5 to daily use and 6K use to more specific stuff only if you have EF glasses.

  3. No mention of file sizes? Apparently at full 6k you only get 3mins on a 128gb card and 15 mins on the 12:1 compression. It seems like a great camera but if the file sizes are that large for the raw format that I would be buying it for, I think I’ll stick with my GH5 until someone figures out better compression/file sizes 🤞🏻

  4. Ad revenue aside, why would an insanely overpaid vlogger care about a professional cinema camera like this? Imaginary pro-sumer street cred? Doubt his child-like audience cared a hoot.

  5. I like my 4K. It's also cool that the MFT sensor is STILL bigger than the Broadcast 2/3 sensor used in Star Wars Ep 2 and 3, and the 1/3" sensor ussed in "28 Days Later" and "The Celebration". I would like the 6K next to my 4K, especially with the Super 35 and the Anomorphic format.

  6. … you make a mistake criticizing the battery, movie cameras use external batteries. You have not equipped the camera as it should.

  7. Its funny how the review of this camera on this channel, which by the way produces similar image quality to a 10000 red camera its on the negative side of things, and all the canon eos rp and eos r which are not better than the olympus mk iii are on the positive site.

  8. is there anything more cringy than watching ppl trying to use that camera as a vlog camera..?
    also the panasonic's autofocus is the worst thing ever invented by humankind

  9. "They only included one battery" Oh come on, like you don' have a fuckton of LP-E6's sitting in your studio. "But there's really no point in rigging it up… so then you should just buy a proper cine camera." No shit sherlock, of course a proper cine cam would be better than a rigged BMPCC, too bad a comparable cine cam would cost more than twice as much and most of us aren't sent free cameras to complain about issues that everyone's known about since the 4k version came out.

  10. BMPCC 6k is nog meant for this kind of stuff like a YouTuber playing around in a city. its meant for more professional film making, and for pro film making it is perfect

  11. Wait is that Canon 10-18 EF-S lens on the BMPCC 6K in your hand? Can we attach EF-S lenses too? I though only EF lenses will work.

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