Episode 2 from the Winthrop WA Road Trip Series! In this episode, we finally try our hand at bird and wildlife photography with our 100-400mm lenses. Suzi had the Sony 100-400mm G Master while Martin had the Fuji 100-400mm lens. After a failed attempt at finding birds, we finally found marshy wetlands where we snapped some bird shots.

00:07:51 – All of our camera gear for bird photography

While we were shooting footage for a client project, this whole trip including gear rentals was planned and paid for by our own means. If you choose to purchase products using the affiliate link below, they will assist in funding future content. Thanks for the support!



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This is the second episode from our Memorial Day road trip from Seattle to the Methow Valley of Washington State. The Winthrop WA Road Trip Series is comprised of behind-the-scenes vlogs and cinematic footage shot with our beloved Fujifilm X-H1 and Sony A7R III mirrorless cameras. We rented the Fuji 100-400mm and Sony 100-400mm lens and put them through various birding scenarios.

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15 thoughts on “Bird Photography with the Fujifilm 100-400mm and Sony 100-400mm G Master – Episode 2

  1. In my opinion, what mattes a zoom lens is first how well it focuses and the sharpness. Not sure which IS works better, but sony looks a tad sharper. But sony's more expensive.

  2. 100-400 fuji lens is for crop sensor camera and 100-400 Sony lens for full frame. So they are actually two very different focal lengths.

  3. I really like how the Fuji 100-400 obliterated the background and makes the subject pop. The out of focus area is really nice in fact I prefer it more than the 50-140 in the depth of field. Also the difference in depth of field between the Fuji and Sony is the same but the Fuji is just cropped so you get closer to your subject. Also at longer focal length the difference in depth of field between FF and APSC is quite minimal.

  4. I don't have the patience to ever be a National Geographic Wildlife Photographer. 😊 But by my naked eyeballs, its not easy to see the difference between the two lenses. However, if I had to pick, I like the Fujifilm lens better.
    As for monopods, have you guys looked at the iFootage Cobra 2 Strike Monopod? It has a really unique extend / retract feature that are not in other monopods. You can increase or decrease the height of the monopod instantly by just twisting a locking grip. It also has feet for stability. Another unique feature is the quick disconnects on the top and bottom of the monopod which allows the user to quickly reconfigure the monopod. The whole thing is solidly constructed. Since I shoot mostly video, this monopod gives me a ton of flexibility. Note – I am not a paid spokesman for the product. I just like it a lot.
    Another great video. 👍👍 Cheers. 🥂

  5. Watch the entire Winthrop WA Road Trip Vlog Series
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    Episode 2: This Video
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    Bonus – 100-400mm Lens Review: http://bit.ly/sony-fuji-lens-review

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