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10 thoughts on “Biển Đảo Nghi Sơn : Bãi Đông, một bãi tắm mới đẹp tuyệt vời

  1. Like 13 +favoritado,excelente video a frase do dia 05/05/19 – NUNCA OLHE PARA TRÁS, AS FERIDAS FICARÃO LÁ ,PARA QUE ABRÍ-LAS?

  2. Hello! You' re doing a nice video. New friend here, I hit those 3 important things to your channel to get me notified whenever you upload. I'm part of your growing family now. Hope you could swing back to mine and return the love. I'll wait for you my friend. Lets stay forever connected🤗💕

  3. Incredible fun my dear friend. I love how the kids, are having fun out side. i love the energy in the video. Good post!!

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