Best Street & commuting motorcycle boots. See what made our list and get those feet protected.

Product links and video timestamps:
0:14 – Icon Superduty 4 Boots:
2:11 – TCX X-Blend Waterproof Boots:
4:25 – Alpinestars New Land GTX Boots: OUT OF STOCK
5:56 – Alpinestars Roam 2 Waterproof Boots:

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36 thoughts on “Best Street & Commuting Motorcycle Boots

  1. Product links and video timestamps:
    0:14 – Icon Superduty 4 Boots:
    2:11 – TCX X-Blend Waterproof Boots:
    4:25 – Alpinestars New Land GTX Boots: OUT OF STOCK
    5:56 – Alpinestars Roam 2 Waterproof Boots:

  2. I live in a pretty hot part of the country, and we get very little rain. I bought the Alpinestars Roam 2 Air boots, and they are phenomenal. This is one of the very few boots I've ridden in that actually flows a noticeable amount of air. I can actually feel the breeze passing over my feet while I ride, and it makes a world of difference when you show up to work and don't have sweaty, stinking feet trapped inside stuffy boots. They also look nicer than the average riding boot. I wore them under slacks at the office, and most people didn't notice right away that they were anything other than black leather dress boots upon a casual glance.

  3. Like this presentation style much better than some of the newer showmanship style reviews.

    Great info and reviews as always.

  4. Love your reviews; I've been considering upgrading my gear beyond the old school gloves, boots,and leather jacket (maybe chaps) bit, and I find your reviews very helpful in hopefully making an informed decision. Thanks again.

  5. I am driving to work on bike every day but I have my office shoes in office I would not recommend to walk in this same shoes so many hours

  6. This review was a bit disappointing. I’m still not finding a nice clean/classic design black leather touring/commuting zipper boot that I can also wear all day with business casual clothes. BMW has a nice one but seams across the mid-foot meant the left foot completely blew out prematurely. Don’t want a boot that looks like a crossover SUV. Don’t need all the monsoon weatherproofing. Anyone? Bueller?

  7. Total waste of money for average rider.

    I wear an old pair of Scarpa ranger gtx and they work just fine. No steel toe cap so sensitive enough to change gears, gortex liner, warm af in any weather. Fair bit of ankle protection too.

  8. Thank you for getting to the chase and not stretching your videos out to exactly 10:00 for more ad revenue. I hate channels that do that, particularly Yammie Noob

  9. I'm not too sure about a lot of these rider specific boots. I would think that a decent normal pair of boots would work just fine and cost a fair bit less.

  10. This or u can go mountain trekking goretex boots that will do the same job being more comfortable 🙂 sometimes for less as well.

  11. You should do a video on best non motorcycle gear to wear while riding. Something that a cheap person who wants to ride in something safe but not spend a fortune on actual riding gear and have comfortable enough to be worn all day possibly on a daily basis. Love the videos, don't stop making them.

  12. Is there a legitimate reason why motorcycle boots are the ugliest footwear in existence? I get we need protection, but I see no reason why it can't be done with some style too.

  13. I have no idea how I got to this video. But this guy is the most amazing reviewer I have ever seen. So engaging without the weird YouTube over-exuberance. I want this guy to review and narrate my life.

  14. What if you buy construction boots, they are cheaper ,I think under $200 for sure, some $80. Think what does construction boots do, heavy duty impact protection, super thick leather, tough rubber construction materials. The only thing I wish is almost all of them are not tall ,like racing boots, but they have medium version cover your angles

  15. How are the Daytona AC4-WD? Only heard good things about Daytona but i havent seen a review of them anywhere even though they god a "very good" in a german magazine's test

  16. man i love the cortech vice shoe/boots i got, 100$ shipped! They are water resistant, though the claim water proof. Really breathable Took a while to break in but man they are great! not bad price either.

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