Get comfortable and stay comfortable regardless of what Mother Nature throws your way! When you love to play in the nastiest weather, trust in an Adventure Motorcycle Boot for comfort and protection against the elements. All features you’ll appreciate when you’re surprised by bad weather. Your next adventure awaits! Get Ready with!

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17 thoughts on “Best ADV Motorcycle Boots | 2019

  1. Thank you for the video out of all the boots it looks like the Aventura is the slimmest in the toe box for shifting and that's what I'm looking for is that true

  2. How on earth do you do a vid like this and leave out the Toucan from AStars. I would have put that in place if the tech 7

  3. ATV rider here. Raptor 700R in the PNW. Waterproof boots are right up my alley as it's very wet in the Seattle area. My issue is that I have 19" calves and wear a size 11. What should I be looking to purchase to keep me dry, protected, and fit well?

    Thanks for the videos, Chase!


  4. Iv got the Forma ADV boots , my last pair last around 100,000kms and 8 years of riding in Rain , Mud , snow , road riding , ADV riding and motocross riding . After my results I don’t think another boot could cut it . Yes and there was a few offs on ADV , Motocross and one on the road ( feet and lower limbs protected)

  5. One thing that might never occur to some of you is falling down with you monster machine on top of your LEG ….now you MIGHT think you can get the bike off of you or just wiggle out ….but it happened to me yesterday and it was frankly IMPOSSIBLE I tried for EVERYTHING I was worth and could not budge the bike a 1/2 inch even ….I was as trapped as an animal in a game trap! I was going NOWHERE until someone picked the bike up enough to slip my poor mashed out of there! I should post a picture of my leg now … it is GROSS! You have no idea how painful it is ….and here is the thing! I was not even on my HEAVY twin cylinder bike! I was on my "light" 650 single cylinder bike…."ONLY" 320 lbs …I THOUGHT "Oh i can just slide my leg out…..WRONG! I had bobbled in a rain rut on a sloped truck trail …the bike was lying downhill amplifying the strength needed to pick it up….with your leg ALL THE WAY underneath a motorcycle? There just is zero leverage ….try to imagine such a thing…better yet try laying your bike on a grass lawn and then lay down next to it. …now try from that position to pick it up at all? No leverage, right? MAN if ONLY I had not kept wearing my comfortable army issue "Combat Vehicle" boots! At least maybe it would have been less painful waiting for help? Heavy plastic panels distributing the pointy places that were gouging iright nto my ankle bone and thigh ? These are awesome boots for riding a motorcycle, very comfortable and good to walk in too …. but NOT for CRASHING motorcycles! FOR SURE NOT for being pinned UNDER one! 320 lbs is all she weighs (XR650) …but the ankle bone was being crushed! another point on the side of my thigh!….DAMN it hurt like HELL! ….AND it was apparently crushing major veins because my leg was throbbing and swelling….it took all night to restore a normal feeling ….I really think I might have suffered serious injury had I laid there longer than I did? Felt like hours but was less than 20 minutes probably maybe ….luckily I did not ride alone yesterday …I had my own dear brother with me….he was out in front just assuming I was behind him and so did he never noticed until he finally stopped to rest….he waited a while for me to catch up which of course I was not going to EVER catch up ….and then reversed and and came back and saved my sorry ass…I have.never ever been happier to see someone! It was EXCRUCIATING. I was thinking "I WISH I was riding a bmw or something with something substantial hanging off the side! THEN I could just slide my leg out! and probably 99 out of 100 times that would be the case too! BUT what if that BMW cylinder ot crash bar or whatever was on top of your leg?….yeah! right? My thoughts NOW? GOOD boots! A riding partner …or three! Helmet coms! And if you can swing it? A SAT PHONE! I never checked but Id bet money we had no cell service up in the mountains in the middle of nowhere??? WHAT IF …..I was pinned and my brother had crashed in severe need of medical attention? WHO KNOWS how long it would be until the next person same along? The next day? I'd have lost my leg and my brother his life maybe??

  6. Great presentation, Chase. Almost enough to make me think I should buy my boots when I get there rather than before I leave here.

  7. I have the Corazal. You can indeed walk in it, not sure how far. A mile would be an effort. Very protective for a dual purpose or adventure boat.
    Dropped my drz in the woods when I hit a log in tall grass. Footpeg went right to my ankle. No injury.

  8. Wats the best boots for riding and walking? I don't have much money and need riding boots but I also do a lot of walking so I need some that can handle plenty of walking to

  9. PLEASE show how they "crush" when you press on the boot and how much twist/compression protection they provide. You have a unique opportunity to showcase and compare these products, please don't waste it 🙂 You'll also experience fewer product returns. Anyone can see the sole and buckle design from official product photos, but the actual protection only YOU can demo for us. Cheers!!

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