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In this video we explored the beautiful town of Sapa in northern Vietnam. We went on a 3-4 hour hike in the Muong Hoa valley and even though it was cloudy and rainy the scenery was still breathtaking. We can definitely see why Sapa is one of Vietnam’s top destinations



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  2. I gotta say, really loving these drone shots of these beautiful rice fields 🙂 but which drone would you prefere ? the pro or this one ?

  3. The drone doesn't look bad at all! Awesome shots. Your videos are so helpful. Hopefully one day, when it's my turn to travel I can look back at your videos and help me find my ways! Thank you✌

  4. I was wondering if you go out at nights, since every video was at day. Just curious, I enjoy all your videos!🌏 Take care! 😃

  5. do not rent scooter in this weather :))) and really nice view but the rain season start ………about the pizza i think it is nice but you must eat Vietnam food :)))

  6. Your videos are getting better and better. I can't believe you don't have a ton of subscribers. I would stick the word travel in your page name.

  7. You should do a Monsoon travel time in Southeast Asia to show what it would be like during the rainy season as a traveler. I have done it many times…sucks ass.
    Then next year travel around Asia during the dry season November to June.

  8. Glad you are getting your money's worth with your new drone! That walk by the rice fields looked epic! And the French Quarter looked fun and lively! Another WOW vid! 😎

  9. I've always wanted to go to  Vietnam ever since my first time watching Full Metal Jacket.  The country looks stunning, even with terrible weather.  Did you go during the off season?  Anyway, Vietnam was once a French colony, so it doesn't surprise me to see European buildings.

  10. Great video! It's amazing how the terraces go up the hills. Very neat to see how they cultivate the rice fields! The architecture is also amazing to see in such a remote place.

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