30 thoughts on “Babolat Pure Strike 98 16×19 3rd Gen Tennis Racquet Review (2019)💥Available Now!💥

  1. Which of all the co-polys you used did you like the most? My string of choice is normally RPM or Alu Rough, depending on the racquet. Did you check Alu with this one? How did the RPM performed? I usually string around 52 and 54 pounds.

  2. I'm planning on moving from a Babolat AeroPro Drive Team 2012 to this. Is this a good move? considering I've just got back into tennis and am looking to improve my control and precision.

  3. I am looking for more control on my racquet I currently have a pure aero and I want a little more control and power, would this be a good racquet for me? ( I have a problem with over hitting the ball)

  4. The 2017 Pure Strike 18/20 gave me massive arm problems. Would you say this new Pure Strike 16/19 is playable without causing arm pain. I would string it maybe with a hybrid or full yonex poly tour pro graphite. What do you say?

  5. Крис,дружок! Ну мы ж понимаем,что эта ракетка не для ваших продавцов – чайников..Вон как они с ней мучаются,но улыбаются довооольные!..Ничего там внутри с 2014 года не меняется- PureStrike самая неудачная серия Babolat..

  6. Fist pumping in a play test… It is what I dislike the most about watching pros play, but to see you do it in a play test was comical. Thanks for the laughs, haha.

  7. I’m sorry for asking again which is the best racket to buy right now. I’m an intermediate hoping for good improvement in my game. I want good power without sacrificing control. Thanks!

  8. Just bought this racquet 16*19 ,300 g, 100sq.m. Yesterday here is recommend;
    I used Wilson Pro staff 97 290 g, 18*20 before. 80% similar of both weapon.
    I play one hand BH. The BBL PS.
    (String same 53/51 pound and use same Luxilon Alu Power 17)
    1. Soft BBL PS : WS PS97 = 9:8 (More difficult change grip to BH but when touch the ball i feel more softer than WS PS97 . )
    2. Power BBL PS : WS PS97 = 9:8 (because 100 sq.inch make more power than 97 sq.m. And the racquet design on the upper grip has some groove for more flexible)
    3. Control BBL PS : WS PS97 = 8.5:9.5 (may be because i just play only 90 minutes then still not familiar with the BBL but i totally feel my forehand winner not control so good if compare WS PS97)
    4. Graphic and design BBL PS : WS PS97 = no commend. (WS is totally classic black but BBL totally modern bright)

    I hope this text can help you a little.
    Enjoy to decision your new racquet!

  9. Hi Michelle! I saw you said you were experimenting different string tensions during the playtest and looks like it take some time for you to adjust? Can you share with me what’s the process and did you end up with higher or lower tension? I got mine couple days ago and having my go to set up (Tour Bite @ 49lbs which I’ve been using on my pure strike 1st gen for 5 years) but doesn’t work well in this newest strike. ( I did try the 2nd gen, I played fine with that frame but found out like my 1st gen better just like Thiem himself lol)

  10. So the last version I really enjoyed the playability, however i felt it was a bit jarring. Would you say the playability is retained with a bit more comfort?

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