The Astro A40 has long been one of the most popular gaming headsets on the market. For their new 2019 model they’ve made some changes, but are they for the better or worse?
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34 thoughts on “Astro A40 2019 Review | Better or Worse?

  1. When u just want to know if it’s better overall and losers make a review of how it’s built and what things mean and what it’s used for . Useless video mate

  2. What’s the difference between the a40 plugging into controller direct and using the a40 with mix amp. Never had a mix amp but I want the best sound for hearing in shooters/battle royals

  3. I’m trying to find a better gaming headset. I just bought the Logitech 635 but now maybe thinking I picked the wrong pair. What would be the best headset for that $150 price range?

  4. Would love it if you reviewed the Astro A50 2019! Also would love a video counting down the best headphones in different price ranges.

  5. What Are The Actual Spec Differences Between The "New" 2019 Astro A40 & The 2017 Astro A40? I am looking at the Astro A40 and MixAmp (2019): Spec sheet and all of the specs, such as the: Audio features, frequency response, impedance, features, etc., all look identical to the internal specs of the 2017 Astro A40's… And from what I have been able to tell from all of the review videos on the 2019 model, the only difference that I can see is the somewhat new look on the physical outside of the headset and obviously the mix amp that is now horizontal. Other than that, all of the internal specs, at least from what I am reading on the Astro Gaming website, look identical, this can't be true right…? Is this 2019 new model of the Astro A40's just a marketing gimmick to get more people to buy the headset new again at $250 instead of just buying a used one or are there actually any new improvements in the internal hardware of the headphones or the mixamp at all? Like, apparently the 2019 version comes with a Dolby Atmos trial, but I honestly do not see any other new internal hardware improvements, which I really hope is not the case.
    If anyone else has the 2017 model Astro A40's and the 2019 Astro A40's, can you tell any difference or an improvement in the sound quality at all? If not, I don't know if I should pay another $250 for the 2019 version if there is no actual internal hardware improvement from the 2017 version. I would greatly appreciate a response from anyone who has tried both or can tell any differences, thank you.

  6. You have your title as "better or worse," which to any regular person, would mean that you would compare at least some older version to it and tell us if it's better, but you did not do this at all. Wtf would spend another $250 on the new 2019 model if it's just a new mix amp model and no actual improvements, this is ridiculous and just a marketing gimmick. They made no innovative strides compared to the 2015 model whatsoever…

  7. I need a new headset, is it necessary for me to buy the newest a40, or is the older version from a couple of years ago still good enough and worth to buy?
    I was just wondering since the new one costs a lot.

  8. I wish they woulda made a white mix amp and headset like how the old tr was. For tje ps4 bud sadly there both black now oh well

  9. What wireless headphones (not headset) works with PS4? Aka potentially getting a ModMic Wireless – what are options for very nice wireless headphones?

    I have the Mayflower DAC/AMP combo for my PC and (wired) planar magnetic headphones with a ModMic 5. It’ll be hard to beat that in terms of sound and mic quality….. but for my PS4, I don’t want to fuss with wires on my couch.

    I’m intrigued by the upcoming Astro A50 v4 wireless – or going with the ModMic Wireless and a nice wireless pair of headphones as an upgrade to my HyperX Cloud Flights.

  10. You have to hold the power button until the power light changes colour for the PC to detect the mix amp. Also, there are additional settings for volume in the command centre.

  11. I still just don't understand why you don't have 2 mil subs or more. We gotta get the word out! Your content is amazing. Keep up the great work. Cheers!

  12. I been looking for good long lasting gaming headset so 250 is decent in price but my previous experience with a40s were bad as the headband snapped in 4 months of light use. The sound was good until my mic stopped picking up my voice. Thinking about giving steel series arctis pro a try.

  13. I simply put the volume up put it almost all the way to voice but then i manage the voices true my ps4 pro always did this works awsome & i play a ton… i only use astro's since past 8+ years. I also like them on my gaming pc but dont need the mixamp i never have bc gaming pcs have the sound system/amplefier build in already

  14. I used to use the Mixamp when playing with friends on PS4, but they tell me that they hear me better and clearly without the Mixamp. I have since only used the headset, just looking to get the newest one, but I was not sure of any new changes worth the purchase.

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