48 thoughts on “Artist Review: iPad Mini 5 (2019)

  1. I bought the mini 5 two days ago and it's perfect, i can draw, animate and watch Netflix, i think it's the perfect size for both home and outside. 🙂

  2. Can anyone explain this to me. It claims the wide P3 color gamut. Yet when you look at the benchmarks at notebookcheck, it stays in the srgb space. Then they say it has a amazing deltae, but it does not leave the srgb space like let's say a Samsung tab s4 that has a worst deltae, yet at least they try to cover all 3 spaces ( srgb, Adobe rgb and P3). Is this a scam. Also, I cannot find any other iPad who has a P3 color test done for accuracy. They just check the srgb color space and say it is great…. Who says that if other companies did a srgb only color space, they would not get a amazing deltae?

  3. This video was very helpful! In the future can you speak to how it feels to take notes on the mini with the apple pencil. Handwriting with the Notes App or Handwriting within OneNote.

  4. What are your thoughts on the product called PaperLike? I have it on my iPad Pro 12.9 and love it. I just ordered my iPad mini WiFi/ Cell from Amazon and I also bought the PaperLike for it, it really feels just like paper, less reflection and few if any smearing, PaperLike can also replace a screen protector, and I love using the Zulu case, if you haven ‘t used one, your gonna love it.Thanks for sharing your talent, from N. CA USA

  5. Sir do you recommend this to someone who is not a professional artist but someone who just tries to sketch some ideas/concepts and taking notes?

  6. I've been drawing on my phone for a year now and having a screen larger than my phone and an apple pencil is blessing enough for me.I will now say goodbye to my rubber tip stylus and my drawing app on my phone lmao

  7. I own an iPad mini 5 and after wading through a couple videos, I came across yours. Finally felt I should subscribe and I did. Thanks!

  8. Hello! Teoh! I looove your ipad and the other pads review! Here's a thing that I'm still considering for few weeks…I'm searching the ipad for drawing, actually I don't draw landscapes but I draw patterns and fashion things. Could you recommend which one is the best for me? Ipad 6 or Ipad mini 2019…plz help me out!!!!!!

  9. I’m thinking about getting a new iPad to use for digital art and to take notes on. What storage space do you think would be best for that?

  10. Really good video! But i have a question, i’m a graphic design student, do you think this ipad is good enough for illustration, and my sketches etc ? Have a nice day ☺️

  11. Informative review, my husband has the iPad mini 4. I got the iPad Mini 5 transparent case. Would like it if you can give it a look and tell me what you think of my review https://youtu.be/0skfGXqj_JU

  12. For vectoring and designing ui/ux using online tool like figma,, is it better on ipad 6(2018) or on this ipad mini(2019)?

    Thank you..

  13. I returned my iPad mini 5 because of its poor display quality compared to my current iPad mini 4. In comparison to my iPad mini 4 the iPad mini 5 display has terrible viewing angles, a magenta tint in blacks, a yellowish/greenish overall color balance and a reduced white point making colors and contrast dull looking. The only positive of the iPad mini 5 was the dramatically better processor performance. A real shame. Apple should have used the much better iPad mini 4 display for the iPad mini 5.

    I also compared my iPad mini 4 to the iPad mini 5s on display at the Apple store and they had the same problems. I have also run into quite a few people seeing the same deficiencies I did. By the way, True Tone does not work to deliver a proper color balance under different lighting conditions. It's a crap feature.

  14. Incredible tech for the price and your review so thorough and informative and you can draw I shall draw you my stick people lol

  15. dear Sir,does adobe illustrator cc 2018 (desktop version) can install and run perfectly on this apple ipad ?Please guide.thank you!

  16. Hey what would you recommend ipad 6 2018 or ipad mini 5 ? I want to start learning digital art also i have never used an ipad

  17. Hello. It was an amazing video based on artist's perspective. I also wanted to know if 64GB variant will be sufficient from your view point. 😄

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