Buy it on Amazon – (affiliate link) – Apple’s lowest cost iPad delivers a lot of value for the price point. Is it the most powerful low cost tablet on the market? We take a deep dive into this cheap iPad to find out! See more tablets: and subscribe!

Amazon Link: (affiliate link)

01:08 – Hardware Overview
01:26 – Processor
01:40 – Display
02:06 – Upgradeable to iPad OS Soon
02:13 – Connectivity
02:28 – Storage discussion
03:09 – Battery Life
03:33 – Apple Pencil Support
03:47 – Delicate glass display
04:29 – Weight
04:37 – Ports
04:59 – Camera: photo and video quality
05:28 – TouchID
05:48 – Performance Overview
06:02 – Performance: Photo editing with Affinity Photo
06:48 – Performance: AR / Augmented Reality
07:05 – Performance: YouTube
07:15 – Speaker Quality
07:24 – Performance: Multitasking
07:58 – Performance: Video Editing – green screen with iMovie
09:39 – Apple Pencil Overview
10:23 – Apple Pencil Alternatives
10:45 – Gaming: Fortnite
11:04 – Gaming: Real Racing 3
11:36 – 3Mark Slingshot Benchmark

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29 thoughts on “Apple’s Lowest Cost iPad Review – 6th Generation 9.7 iPad

  1. I wish all reviews were this much to the point and organized. The dude wasn’t trying to make a small indie film…..great video

  2. Most valuable tablet in this price range. Unless you want bigger screen, 4 speaker or promotion, It can do everything the higher model can do.

  3. The reason I chose a 6th-gen iPad vs similar tablets- the way Apple products upscale mediocre video files for playback. Video which is 360p or 480p look very good and play back flawlessly on an iPad. On other brands of tablets in the $200-$300 range those same files are noticeably mediocre especially if the scene is dark or there is lots of motion.

  4. It’s just crazy to think that apple when ios 13 comes out (full web browser), will be the best value for a basic netbook under $300. How neat. Times are changing.

  5. I really don't need an iPad….but for $250….it's so hard to say no…..for the price and performance you are getting out of this you can't really beat it…Apple is selling it for $329…I have a trip coming up and this would be great and since I have Prime….I can have it here before we go…..DAMMIT Lon!

  6. I picked up the 128 GB iPad 6 for $120 one month ago, and I got the Apple Pencil for $50. Speaking of frugality, I got an Apple TV 3 for free and the remote for $19. I am totally in the ecosystem now, and I am looking forward to iPadOS

  7. The only thing holding me back is the screen and the screen size. And if you want to step up to the air 2019 the price is to close to the iPad pro 11 inch 🙁 I don't know wich one to choose

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