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49 thoughts on “Apple Pie KitKat vs the Real Japanese Version

  1. Looking forward to enjoying these in my October Japan Crate box when I get it and sharing the experience in my own unboxing video as I do every month. Does it compare to an actual hot apple pastry? There's no way they could. Both are very different taste experiences, with the pastry being 100% better, of course. I've tried a LOT of the various Kit Kat flavors, either purchased from online stores or from either my Japan Crate or Tokyo Treat monthly boxes. Totally agree that the apple is okay, but not great. The Lemon & Setouchi Salt one is excellent. The matcha one is good too. So is strawberry cheesecake. Have to wonder what the grilled salmon one is like though. The banana one is okay, but needs the flavor pumped up more stronger. It's very, very mild with the white chocolate overpowering the taste.

  2. Ah, c'mon, don't say that they're close! While you were bitting the "real" apple pie, you closed your eyes, meaning that it was delicious!

    Perhaps the KitKat is "close" due to artificial tastes while the "real" one is… real.

    From my point of view, there's no competition here.

    I'll test it myself when I visit Japan of course! 😎

  3. Would love to get them here & other versions. Also Kit-Kat was created by Rowntrees 1932 in England acquired by Nestle in 88.

  4. John…….you are one of the most genuine nice guys I’ve seen on yt. Top 3 j channels…..#1 only in Japan #2 life where I’m from
    #3 Paolo from Tokyo. You guys should do a colab…………your wife is so sweet. 👍👍👍

  5. one wisdom tooth at a time? is that typical there or something she asked to do? either way looks like she had an easy time of it!

  6. You just reply to those who send u money how cheap are you!!!
    Where as there are other vlogers who reply on each and every email there fan send them…. I am un subscribing your channels I hope it doesnot matter to you becaz am not sending you money

  7. I bought that apple pie kit kat as soon as I saw it in the supermarket, along with the sweet potato and chestnut one hahaha 🙈 I only just moved to Tokyo but I am loving it so far!!!! I have been to a lot of places that I used to watch you visit 😄 You're my favourite YouTuber!!!!

  8. A few years ago I was wandering Ikebukuro, completely unaware of Ringo. I stumbled upon a shop on the Main Street, it was empty but smelled so good! Pies were fresh, so I gave it a chance: was not disappointed at all. When I walked past half an hour later, there was a line out the door.

    There’s a company here in Melbourne Australia that does a copy (I doubt they are the same company), but it’s not quite the same. I still prefer Ringo. 🍎

  9. Now I need to try both of those!
    By the way, try not to get food pieces in the area where the wisdom tooth was removed. You may get more swelling & even possible infection. 😬

  10. The real apple pie look delicious. I'd prefer the real thing except on a mission in earth orbit then I'll eat the kitkat 🙂

  11. Unfortunately, for me. I'm allergic to Apples 😫. So, I'm enjoying the Raspberry Kit Kat instead 😁👍. Woah thanks Japan! Anyways thanks for your review! Always enjoy your posts.

  12. – Used to work very close to the park many years ago. Had a walk and spent lunch time – many nostalgic memories. = now live abroad. Enjoying your video.

  13. Dude! Get the Fugetek selfie stick off Amazon👍 it expands out to 5ft and makes a tripod to free your hands ❤️I love it. It collapses down to like 12 inches😁🇺🇸

  14. Nice video, but I can't imagine a Kitkat being as good as a Ringo apple pie. There are multiple Ringo stores now, with the original having opened in Ikebukuro over 3 years ago. If you go to Japan I highly recommend getting one (or more…). Also gotta recommend POGG sweet potato pie. John what is your favorite flavor? Of the ones I've tried I would go with either Butter or Rum and Raisin.

  15. FWIW last year they had what I assume were limited edition puddi-flavoured halloween kitkats and I was able to find them pretty easily just at Donki in late October. Don't know if these apple pie ones are exponentially more popular or something but I doubt they'd clear out quite THAT fast.

  16. I think it came out a bit earlier than 72 hours ago. Last week we were in tokyo and we bought a pack of those kitkats to bring back home. Still haven’t tried them…there was a sweet potato flavor which was new to us…didnt get those dont think flavor would work

  17. Its a shame I live all the way in the UK. I want to try all these flavours. Looks like I'm going to have to go to Japan just to try them.

  18. John you're a very lucky man, Kanae is so sweet. When you go to Kyoto please stop at Tozando Shop tell them Moe says hi! Why don't they sell this kind of stuff here?? its so annoying 😀

  19. I wish we could have all these kit kat flavours in the west. I don’t understand why it’s not a thing here. It’s expensive and complicated to buy them.

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