5 thoughts on “All New 2019 Audi Q3 Interior Review! (Next Gen)

  1. Interesting that you say it's a "huge improvement" over the outgoing model. I have a 2018 and checked out this very car at the show yesterday. My first impressions were that they really went cheap on the interior finishes – the door handles, gear selector and center console looked and felt like the ones in my 2012 Jetta. I went over to sit in a Tiguan also and I liked the design of that interior better.

    I will say though that the virtual cockpit is a big change for the better. The interface on the center screen looks a lot nicer but I do prefer the knob-operated MMI.

  2. Any idea what the gas mileage is on this car? And did you find out if wireless car play is supported? Otherwise, thank you for the video.

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