25 thoughts on “Acer aspire 5 a515 – 54g full review

  1. Bhai mere pas bhi yahi laptop hai but isme shareit chalne me promlem aati hai kya aapke laptop me Sahi chalta hai to please yar uske bare me batao ya video banado please reply

  2. Thnx for this video,i also searching for low budget lap for my engineering studys

  3. This model is not an indian model. You can verify it in Acer India website. You can't find it in Indian website but on Global website only(GB), means it is not an Indian product. This International Travellers Warranty is applicable only if you buy the product in its country of origin. Then you can avail service for that in other countries. But if you( being an Indian resident) buy another country product in India, you won't be eligible for ITW. Anyway i bought this item since i got it only for 28000/-. For that price i can't and won't complain about the warranty.

  4. Everyone please be careful.. you will NOT get warranty for this item. I have confirmed it with acer service centre. This product is not indian model, so it comes with International Travellers Warranty (ITW) only. But we will not get it as we are buying an non indian acer product inside India. So be careful, and only if you are not cared about warranty you can go for it. Because it is really worth the money.

  5. Now around 36k… After using bank offers…

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