Brutally honest review of pyramid scheme products! Honest mlm reviews can be hard to come by, so I’m testing and trying on products from multi level marketing companies like lularoe leggings, lipsense, stella and dot, and scentsy to see what mlm products are actually like!

Tiffany Ferg’s video on MLMs

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A Brutally Honest Review of MLM Products

Sierra Schultzzie


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40 thoughts on “A Brutally Honest Review of MLM Products

  1. So I just have to comment on the lularoe- I used to sell, I don’t anymore, that’s another story. However! A few things: (first being I love you and all your content!)
    1) Sloan is a child’s shirt 😂 just so you know. They don’t have numbered sizing for adults.
    2) The “tunic” Irma shirt is supposed to be sized down 2- so you’d need a medium.
    3) shopping LuLa is HARD. You have to SEARCH to find the good stuff. But they DO sell plain black leggings, plain tops, nice subtle floral leggings or monochrome stripe/dots etc. Almost ALL my LuLa is solid or beautiful florals and not neon or patterns like the ones you picked 😂 you’ve got to be in groups and really wait until something you love comes available. Also the classic tee- never get one with the pinny attached 😂 the normal classic tees are much flowier and I actually size up two and knot it and they’re my favorite tee (for reference, we have almost the same body type. And all styles come in different fabrics too!
    4) I’ve been begging for a SHORT size between OS and TC for the 12-14s of the world in those leggings for years 😩
    In summary- not a LuLa promoter BUT I do feel like it did not get a fair shake based on what you bought.

  2. I have a couple pairs of leggings from the first brand that you tried and I need to say that I don't wear them out of the house because of the prints lol but they are fantastic to just lounge around in bc they are so soft and stretchy!

  3. Part of the reason I am thinking my little girl might have my little girl join the boys counts is because I think so much of girl scouts seems to be little girls first MLM. Not that boy scouts don't sell things but I feel they are either more transparent or more of the profit goes to boy scout activities not the boy scout organization.

  4. Lipsense is true to it's claimes but the product stings during application. I stopped buying and using them. There are better products on the market for the price.

  5. Ooooooooh my gay ass read the mlm as men loving men and was super confused why everyone was hating on them in the comments before the vid loaded 😂

  6. I'm going to guess that any oil-free gloss would work with the LipSense(?). Also, doesn't Covergirl have one of the oldest and longest lasting liquid lipsticks, still? It's one of the multi-step versions, but it works really well, and costs around $8, or so? It also includes everything you need, for that $8.

    There are some other decent, comfortable-ish, transfer-proof liquid lipsticks around, so I'm not sure why you'd choose to spend the same or (much) more for burning and not super long-lasting lip colour. 🤷🏻‍♀️

  7. My friend sells "Perfectly Posh" a less expensive alternative to Lush. Not as natural as Lush, but still some good products! And she has her own webpage under Posh, so all you do is buy and she ships it. She won't bug you!

  8. After finding a super cute LuLaRoe top at a thrift store for $3 I got excited to see what else they had only to find out that was the only cute LuLaRoe top in existence… 😆

  9. as someone who has worked with lipsense and barley got out of the trap that mlm is its not a healthy way to make money

  10. This video is entertaining – thanks for putting it out!

    Second, in light of how you say "coshtume" I noticed that "sh" seems to occur in combination with the letter/sound "o"/"oh/ah". Is this an accent from the south west corner of the country? I'm midwestern.

  11. Color Street nail wraps is the new thing everyone around me is selling. I know of one person who was a fairly high ranking leader in one company with an entirely different product jump ship for them. I've tried them, but i don't get the hype. Easier to apply than Jamberry, but same basic idea

  12. Not recommending lularoe, I haven't bought any in over a year and a half for many reasons, but you definitely bought a little girls shirt, the Sloan baseball tee is the child's version of the Randy baseball tee, and the adult sizing is standard letter sizing, not numbered. I will say, that when I did purchase a lot back in the day, I was able to find plenty of solid neutral colors, and plain black or grey which is 90% of my wardrobe colors. But that was awhile ago and I haven't looked to see what they sell currently. Their sizing is different for each style which sucks when you are newly looking to purchase, just for shirts, I had to size up one for 1 style but size down 2 for another.

  13. If you want the exact same lip product from a trusted brand for 10 bucks buy the maybelline super stay 24h lip product. Works the same. On one side is the color and on the other side is the gloss. But you don't need the special remover. Greetings from Germany by the way. 😊😉

  14. I tried Herbalife my coworker was crazy about it. We went to this Herbalife fitness camp and I liked the flavor. So I ordered some of the products I didnt lose weight with the protein shake. The guy literally told me I cant eat all day just take the shakes. Uh yes anyone will lose weight not eating all day! The fat cutting tablets that you take when you eat so your body doesnt absorb all the fat you eat, make me shake like crazy and spend up my heart rate like I was working out just resting. I threw it all away. I lost weight by cutting sugar and bread and was still able to eat. It's such a big company in south Florida they have tons of shake bars. Basically you can go and get one shake or tea for 6-10 dollars. Total waste of money and the products are not made with quality ingredients.

  15. Very enjoyable and useful review of products. You have a great screen presence which makes watching your videos a delight. Your reviews are useful and informative and I look forward to more of your videos.

  16. I use lipsense, because it lasts forever. My good friend started selling it so initially i tried it to support her, but i loved it. Scentsy started in Meridian, Idaho where I'm from. I LOVE their scent cubes and warmers. Those are the only things i buy from them though. I've been using Scentsy since it started and I'm very happy with the scents. Maybe it's because I'm supporting a "local" business, but i don't see myself stopping. I have no interest in selling though, so i can't comment on that side of things.

  17. I get Lula roe and I get tall and curvy and LOVE my leggings. NO that outfit is not cute but I do have about 25 leggings from them and they are very pretty. I get Disney and flower print. There are some nice prints. Also you can pair them with black or white t shirts. NO I DO NOT SELL IT. Never have never will but I get my leggings for sale for $10 per pair so there is ways to get them cheaper.

  18. Not sure if someone already commented this or not but the LuLaRoe baseball tee you ordered was a Sloan which is a children’s shirt lol the women’s baseball tees are the Randy. Which explains why it didn’t fit 😂. I hate most of what LLR sells but I do love their Randy tees, that is when you can actually find a decent print that is crazy!

  19. A comment about the lip sense: you get used to that stinging/tingling sensation. Not a provider but I do love the product.

  20. Lu la roe stuff is mostly for sure crazy prints but some of the stuff is cute and is made genuinely nice I have a few people I know who sell it it’s pricy for sure but can have some cute pieces

  21. both my sister and my friend have roped me into "free makeover parties" with mary kay which end up just being these random women having you apply random mary kay products to yourself. this was at least 5 years ago and the mary kay woman still texts me!

  22. I've never had that happen to me. Of course, I haven't been on FB in 3 years. I have seen the MLM videos though so if someone did send me that… there would be consequences.

  23. I use to distribute for Herbalife… I also used the products lost 80lbs it’s better if you know someone who sales it lol

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