41 thoughts on “50,000 Mile 3rd Gen Tacoma Review

  1. I just bought the Tacoma 2019 double cab 6 foot bed. I noticed it has more room for your head.
    Does anybody know where you can get airbags put in to help the suspension?

  2. My 2010 RAV4 has the same engine your truck has, just a different head. You should have 0 issues. I'm at 152k and all I've dome is spark plugs, water pump, belt, and oil changes. Tranny flushes, filter, and transfer case and rear fluid changed. That's it. Wheel bearings which is common on an AWD, especially in the mountains. That's a sharp truck bro!

  3. I just helped my Dad buy a 2019 Toyota Tacoma SR quad cab 2 wheel drive with a 4-cylinder but with a TSS package. He wanted a base model Toyota Tacoma but without the base model look so the TSS package did the trick. He doesn't need four wheel drive but it does suck that the SR doesn't come with a V6 unless you get the stinky four-wheel drive.

  4. My 2016 Tacoma was a POS so I had to lemon law it. The Toyota Motor Corp was horrible to deal with and they don’t care about loyal customers . Won’t buy another one ever. This opinion is based on my experience and I’m not criticizing ever third gen out there

  5. I am at 29,500 on my 18’ Colorado. Been great and looking to be as awesome as every GM or Toyota I have ever owned!

  6. If got 25k on my 2017, no issues with it…BUT I also dislike the transmission shifting pattern 🤯 WHY DID YOU DO THIS TO ME TOYOTA….but it's still the BEST truck on the market!

  7. I had a Toyota Tacoma 4×4 93 5 years brake lines rusted into 10 years frame rusted into and broke in half which is a very common problem with them up north.

  8. 2010 Tacoma Sport, around 90k miles. Only thing wrong so far was U joint on driveline went bad, needed to replace around 60k. Toyota after the repair was paid for, sent me a refund for the repair cost while it was obviously out of warranty. Toyota for life now. They are the best.

  9. Did you ever have an issue with a bang in the rear of the truck when stopping?  Felt like someone hit me from behind.

  10. 2015 Tacoma 4×4 Off road 104K miles with original tires, brakes and nothing needing repaired. Change Oil and wiper blades that's it, Just to let you know those miles are side road and highway miles, I purchase a 4×4 for times when I needed it and not playing and having fun off road, I would not buy a new truck just to go off-roading, its work transportation and pulling my trailer with tractor and bush hog ( :

  11. My 2003 Tacoma is about to hit 240,000 miles. I bought it new with 19 miles. It sill runs like the day I drove it off the lot.

  12. Great video and well done. I've only had my '16 TRD 4×4 since December and love it. It's been quite the adjustment after what seems to be a lifetime of GMC Sierra ownership. I'm pushing 50K and it feels brand new. It's finally adjusted to my style of driving. Thanks for sharing that "No Brake Required to Start" function too.

  13. Great video Chad! I’m at 26k on my ‘17 and the only issue I’ve had is a leaking third brake light. Dealer fixed it under warranty and have had no issues since.

  14. Chad, Where was your truck built, San Antonio,Tx or Baja Mexico?? Mine is an 2018 TRD ORDC. Vin number starts with a 5. Also have you had any 3rd brake light leaking issues? Thanks and enjoy your guy's channel.

  15. In the new one I would like to see the six cylinder with 30 more horsepower and the transmission a new 9 or 10 speed. Slightly bigger cab with more comfortable seats.

  16. Only issues I had with my 2017 TRD Off Road was a leaking 3rd brake light and a weak battery. Other than that no issues.
    Build quality wise, I have a rattle to door window tracking when lowered half way and a slight hiss coming from door at highway speed.

  17. Got the access cab long bed, and so many times I'm glad I got the long bed. Every time I pick up lumber or something like that, the bed still feels kinda small, so I can only imagine how often that happens with the short bed…

  18. I have the 2018 TRD off road short bed 4 door. Has 5 thousand miles on it now, the front diff driver side needle bearing is still a problem when lifted (i had it happen to me, install the bushing kit!!FIXED)I am a ASE certified mechanic and work on them everyday. The re-flash with the new transmission update along with pedal commander fixed the crazy shifting and low end lag. The truck is now fun to drive and has tons of fast down low power. 19 to 24 MPG depending on how ya drive it, 24 is best i have seen. I also got Toyota tech stream for more mods and software tweaks. This truck can be GREAT with out a high dollar tune like OV..$$, But just as stock it was no fun to drive. You just have to know what to do to make it wake up. And over priced OV is not the only way. (just my thoughts man! keep up the good work, love the channel)

  19. I have a 2018 trd or 4×4 short bed, only problem I had was my rear diff was seeping. Got it fix, it was the only probably I had. I do wanna get the ov tune on mine.

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