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What’s up Ahntourage! Today I’m doing an in-depth Ahnest review of the 2019 MSI GS65 Stealth with Intel’s 9th gen i7 9750h and Nvidia’s GTX 1660ti. This thing is a beauty, but is she worth it at $1700 USD?

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23 thoughts on “2019 MSI GS65 9th gen i7 9750h and GTX 1660ti Review

  1. Thinking of getting one of these but I’m pretty new to the gaming world… if you could do a video explaining the different terms and what those things do?!?! You pretty much convinced me love the vids…

  2. does it get easily scratched because I am planning on a buy but I'm not so good with keeping stuff "healthy" so would you say it will last?

  3. Great review! I've watched a lot of tech reviewers and you can really feel how genuine you are and how much you just enjoy being in front of the camera! Only criticism is that there have been some fixes to the heat issue which you used as your main point for not suggesting this laptop such as lowering the process power management state settings Good luck with your future reviews! Can't wait to see more from you!

  4. if you manage the processor a bit it won't get so hot. go into the power option and set the upper 99% and lower to 5%. This will stop the CPU from turbo boosting or in other words overclocking itself. then use throttlestop or XTU to adjust the voltages of the CPU. I owned this laptop for about a week before returning it, which i regret now. with just adjusting the CPU voltages i got it to idle at 40-50c. With what i know now i bet i could get it down to at least 40-45c. if you take a look at the HWmonitor when you're showing the 100c the voltages were 1.40-1.45 on some of those voltages. which is way too high. people overclocking desktop CPUs wouldn't want voltages that high let alone a thin laptop.

  5. Hi. So i was looking at this laptop and for reviews and this was the best review i found! Anyways, bit late to the party 😛 I am looking for a new gaming laptop and you dont reccomend this, what laptop would you reccomend for similar gaming performance at same or lower price? I should note that the current price of this laptop is at 17500 NOK (2000USD) in norway.

  6. What are your thoughts on the Asus ROG Zephyrus M GU502GV? Was considering the Asus or this MSI. Price point is about the same.

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