Following on from our recent “Two Dads” review of the new 150kW Hyundai i30 N line; this week we see how “Fun and Family Friendly” it’s mechanically identical cousin from KIA is? The new Cerato GT.
(Special Thanks to KIA Australia for our test car)

Car: 2019 KIA Cerato GT Sedan 1.6L 4-cyl Turbo (150kW / 265Nm) with 7-spd DCT
Reviewers: Justin & Scott

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23 thoughts on “2019 KIA Cerato GT Sedan (“Two Dads” Review) | BRRRRM Australia

  1. If you’re curious I’ve got a video on my channel of the GT with a resonator delete – would definitely recommend doing this before looking at a full exhaust system!

  2. Thank you for a very helpful and detailed review which helped me make up my mind. I purchased a Kia Cerato GT 1.6 turbo hatch last week and am very happy with my decision.

  3. I have the Sedan in Sunset Orange. Omg this is the best car I have ever owned. Well worth the money and the power is insane

  4. We have the Red 2019 Cerato GT Hatch. We previously had the Cerato Koupe – Lime Green for 9 yrs – a car which I really love, never put a foot wrong! Getting old….. the GT pre-set seats were the way to go even though as a 5'2" woman – I JUST fit…… (Some demonstrator GT cars I couldn't sit in and see over the engine…… the Stinger seats are the best for people my size, wasted on large men! And I have threatened to see if I can get a Stinger seat fitted……. along with a Lime Green body wrap).
    HOWEVER – I am yet to find how to set the Smart Cruise Control. I get an error message each time I try – "SCC (Smart Cruise Ctrl conditions not met". The Manual is about as useful as teats on a bull…..

  5. Excellent review and noticed it was done in my local area. Really not much to fault in this little gem and very happy to have one. Love driving it whenever I can

  6. Getting mine in a couple of days.. traded my much loved 2017 Turbo Veloster which seems a troubled brand sadly. Loved the Veloster road hold, unique style and drive but looking for a trouble free run now hopefully with the GT. Great review.

  7. Fantastic review. Picked up my GT sedan today in Pearl white and Its sensational to drive. Capable on the road yet really good fun to drive when you want. Not many cars at this price will beat this from Kia. Still yet to notice the rough ride alot of experts are going on about. Smoother than my previous i30 sr which was a great car. I think they forget this is $32k drive away!

  8. Great review guys! I got my Platinum Graphite GT hatch in early feb and I bloody I love it. Never fails to put a smile on my face! It loves punishment around the twisty bits, but will happily eat up the k’s on the highway too. Only feature I feel it is missing is auto wipers…but I guess I’m getting spoilt and lazy…and nitpicking. Hahaha. Once U adjust the equaliser on the stereo, the sound those JBL’s pump out is phenomenal.

  9. You’re too late boys. I’ve already bought a white one and I love it. So much bang for your buck I couldn’t pass it by. Very impressed with everything about it. A firmish ride and an excellent motor. I fitted an after market sunroof and a gloss black roof wrap. Goes like a cut cat when needed but in highway driving with the active cruise control on I can well under 6L/100km. Amazing!

  10. Has anyone managed to get even close to the 'claimed' 6.8litres per 100???
    Normal Urban driving I can't get under 9.4.
    6.8 .. pfft.

  11. Hi guys, great review. We have the black hatch GT and love it to bits.. Amazing machine for the money. The ride is firm but you get use to it and makes every drive feel like you are in a racing go cart!! lol love it. Although the sound is there in sport mode, the smart mode actually learns the way of your foot!!! Becomes smoother in smart mode after a while without the sound generation of sport on all the time. I assume it changes the shift rpms etc in the gearbox. I looked at both N line and the cerato before buying and just loved the different looking hatch which also has a little stinger look about it. i30/golf look has been around a long time and its time for some new looking refined hatches to move forward such as this. I also like the sedan however the larger opening into the hatch was a must… The worst bit is waiting for one to be delivered.. apparently it is months at the moment!!.. Nice review and keep up the great work.

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