Lexus ISF Purchased and Exported from Japan

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We are a company dedicated to customer satisfaction. We value long term relationships with our customers and we strive to make every sale a memorable one.

Purchasing from Japan is quite simple and even first time buyers can manage to purchase with just a little time and some enthusiasm.

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Derek Weldon


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23 thoughts on “2008 Lexus ISF (UK Import) Japan Auction Purchase Review

  1. As much as I love the IS (will have one!) I have to ask what the yellow pickup is in the background? Looks sort of like a pick-up Cube?

  2. Beautiful car! I love my 08. FYI, you can’t use that button on the trunk unless the car is off. It’s kind of weird, but it’s part of the keyless system. Just another Toyota quirk!

  3. You guys would get so much more interest and to go with it sales if you would not fuck around and state not only where the cars are going when you do each video but also state (preferably broken down) the all in costs in the headline or description below for each car right through to landing on dock of delivery.

  4. Interesting, these were sold in the UK, I wonder what the benefits are from buying a JDM model? They look pretty much identical to me (with the possible disadvantage of the infotainment system being stuck in Japanese)

  5. I know where this is going haha! Same chap who I bought my Crown from, a crown which was imported by you guys early last year😁 both this and the crown are… beautiful cars!

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