Toyota Celsior Purchased and Exported from Japan

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We are a company dedicated to customer satisfaction. We value long term relationships with our customers and we strive to make every sale a memorable one.

Purchasing from Japan is quite simple and even first time buyers can manage to purchase with just a little time and some enthusiasm.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Derek Weldon


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33 thoughts on “2001 Toyota Celsior UCF31 (Canada Import) Japan Auction Purchase Review

  1. Yea it's lame,there posing and either don't care or don't know.And they don't have too,there really the ones everybody wants to be like,who has cooler shit then the japanese?.But thats how that shit goes.

  2. This one looks like it was converted to a lexus a badge? I'm currently looking to import one, but rather have the lexus on the outside like you have. Did they convert it?

  3. The leather seats look in a phenomenal condition! Even the arm rest looks in pristine condition. It’s unbelievable to see s car in this condition after 17 years.

  4. 🤣
    Amazing beginning!

    Man. I can't find your video of NSX renting.
    Need it badly or information about this company.

    Gonna visit Tokyo next week.

  5. For the telescoping function, there is a bushing that can deteriorate and cause things to bind. Bushing is $2 and it's a quick repair.

  6. It is such a beautiful car for the year. I cant believe the condition the cleanliness and the low millage! I want one. Haha

  7. Good morning afternoon or eavning. Not sure when you will see this. Well I see alot of your cars get shipped to Canada. What models or year vehicles can you ship to California? What is the oldest year that can be shipped to California. I love the older 1980's to early 90's-92ish. By the way love your videos and all the vehicles you show.

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