Toyota Rav4 2-door Purchased and Exported from Japan

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37 thoughts on “2000 Toyota Rav4 2-door 4WD (Finland Import) Japan Auction Purchase Review

  1. I’d call this a… SMART SUV!
    as a 4×4 kinda guy, I gotta admit, I really like this for what it is. I would love a RAV4 2door, preferably 5speed

  2. Our secondary vehicle is an 03 Rav4 4door and until this video I had no idea that the rear seats were completely removable. I went straight outside after watching this and tried it. Thanks for the accidental discovery

  3. In my country it is really hard to find any RAV4’s from this generation under 200.000 Kms so they do last a long time, although we didn’t get this engine, only the 1.8 1zz and 2.0 1az without direct injection.

  4. 10:45 And you didn't tell the lady: "Mind your own business, I'm working here"? lol
    Or the more polite to a nosey lady "I'm sorry. I will turn it off soon. It needs to be running for this video"

  5. Literally, like 5 secs before you said the lady told you to turn off the engine, I was wondering why you let the engine running all the time on every vid. I swear, lol.

    Thanks for the vids man. We need a little more personal vids too, like that vid from the abandoned park and stuff, that was kool and a bit diff from what we always watch from you.

  6. Might be time to give the neighbor some more gifts. If she complaining about an engine that quiet than she is just trying to find reasons to be mad at you. I'm learning about how important it is not to upset your neighbors in Japan. Where I am in Canada upsetting the neighbors is never that big of a deal. You do stuff they don't like, they do stuff you don't like appologies are exchanged and every just gets over it. But not in Japan…

  7. Hey Derek be careful. you keep disturbing neighbors with the engines in these car videos I don't want the Japanese government to come in and shut you down!!

  8. the aftermarket bumper kit makes it look smaller ( specially from the side because the sideskirts ) then it actually is, i've seen these on the road in stock condition, and ok they are not huge, the proportions are better in stock condition

  9. Not a bad rate on that hotel. How's that 5G working out? I could never do a demonstration right under that garbage.

  10. Dont be overtly surprised PCA was kind enough to help me buy a car here in Japan for use in Japan and even from a Dealer they come dirty mine even had the last owners sake cup lids inside LOL

  11. Pretty cool, didn't know they did a 2 door on the 2nd gen Rav4, thought that was only a 1st gen thing. One downside to that rear door design is the lack of a rear bumper. Knew somebody who had this style Rav4 and got rear ended, not very hard, they weren't hurt but the car was totaled. $4000 to replace the rear door and fix the unibody/trunk floor where it crumpled meant it was toast.

  12. The clacking sound comes from the high pressure fuel pump,all direct injection gasoline engines have it cause the pump is driven by the camshaft.

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