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Prevent engine sludge from hampering the power and performance of your Ford F-150 by installing a C&L Gen 2 Monster Oil Catch Can. Crankcase exhaust gases (better known as blow-by) is an oily vapor that re-enters through your engines PCV system and will gradually coat the inside of your throttle body and intake manifold. Overtime this oily residue can thicken and become engine sludge which will rob you of power. However, a Catch Can (sometimes known as an Air/Oil Separator) will capture these blow-by gases before they are able to re-enter the system to prevent the formation of this engine sludge. A C&L Gen 2 Monster Oil Catch Can is a must have upgrade for all Wrangler owners that want to prevent the formation of this sludge in order to maintain peak power and performance.

C&L designed their Gen 2 Monster Catch Can to pull the oils and contaminants from the crankcase exhaust gases before allowing it to re-enter the intake system. This is achieved by a combination of centrifugal force, thermal condensation and filtration. As the crankcase exhaust gas enters the Catch Can it is forced against the walls of the container using centrifugal force to separate the oil from the air. By way of thermal condensation the contaminated oil sticks to the walls and collects at the bottom of the can. Before the exhaust gas exits the Catch Can it passes through a stainless steel coalescing filter to further remove harmful contaminants from the air.

For simple maintenance C&L designed their Gen 2 Monster Catch Can with a release knob on top of the can. This means you can easily drain the waste oil without having to reach into a tight and dirty engine bay. Not only did C&L add this easy to use top mounted release valve, but they also added a fluid level indicator window allowing you to see when your Catch Can needs to be emptied.

C&L engineered their Catch Can to be installed in under an hour with just basic hand tools. This kit comes complete and includes PCV lines, quick-disconnect fittings and mounting brackets that allow for a simple installation. All the necessary parts are included.

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9 thoughts on “1997-2019 F150 C&L Gen 2 Monster Oil Catch Can – Black Review & Install

  1. Hey. American Truck, if you’re going to sell this part, you need to teach that rube installer how to make to look clean and sanitary. His installation looked horrifically bad. You should be embarrassed. It’s hard for me to buy something for my truck after watching that video. Please do better.

  2. How can it do work good if the first hose is kinked? Always reuse your factory fittings if you can. That's why i like the JLT better, yes the capacity is smaller but way better fittings.

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