Toyota Crown Diesel Purchased and Exported from Japan

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22 thoughts on “1994 Toyota Crown Turbo Diesel (USA Import) Japan Auction Purchase Review

  1. Looks kind of like a 1990's Avalon(basically an XL sized Camry that I think was a USA only car). Personally not a fan of the diesel in this application. Crown is a luxury car, engine should be so quiet you can't hear it, buttery smooth and powerful. That little pickup truck diesel is none of those things. The JZ engine is a much better fit for the style of the car IMO.

  2. Помоему на нем таксовали во Владивостоке,смотали пробег на пол миллиона км и вернули обратно в японию😂

  3. @ :37 was that a kid making that sound ??? Or does JAPAN have pterodactyl’s flying around??? That sounded like 1big a$$ bird!!!

  4. 100 ponys and 220Nm for a 1600kg curb weight car with automatic trans?This thing can not overtake anything other than horse-drawn carriages.😂I assuming that at least the gas mileage is good.🙃

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