Lisa Gade reviews the 16” MacBook Pro, released Nov. 2019. Apple has improved their top of the line Mac laptop by listening to its customers: the Butterfly keyboard is replaced with the Magic Keyboard, cooling is improved, storage is doubled and you get it with up to 64GB RAM. The bigger, higher resolution display has smaller bezels, so the footprint isn’t much larger than the 15” MacBook Pro it replaces. Battery capacity is even higher at 100 WHr, there’s a physical escape key and significantly more powerful AMD Radeon Pro 5300M and 5500M graphics. The laptop ships with macOS Catalina and is available with Intel 9th gen, 45 watt 6-core i7 and 8-core i9 processors. Pricing remains the same as it was for the 15” models.
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32 thoughts on “16″ Apple MacBook Pro Review

  1. I really don’t want, or care for 4K. It brings no benefits other than losing battery life. Pixels aren’t visible with the distance we are from the screen. OLED would be great.

  2. The 5500m are just budget GPUs. Why are people so happy for a budget GPU in a laptop that cost well over 2000 dollars. MSI put out the first laptop using the 5500m and it did not cost 2000 dollars.

  3. Apple needs to wake up so many more people would buy their products if they stopped trying to rip us off for ram and store these have been basic upgradable components in every pc for years now but not them.

  4. As per usual, when you are actually shopping for tech instead of just gawking and needing out, Lisa Gade is the only reviewer out here covering all the bases.

  5. i've been watching mobiletechreviews for i dont even know how many years like 6 or 8 and it remains the best channel for reviews. None are as real or thorough or honest as these!

  6. Worth the Apple tax for those speakers, Windows laptop makers really need to up their game in this respect, just use headphones or a bluetooth speaker won't cut it any more.

  7. the touchbar is another mistake, just like the butterfail keyboard, when are they going to accept it, to me is a deal breaker, as long as the touchbar remains I won't buy a macbookpro

  8. Your reviews are the best on YouTube. You stay objective with the details and analysis while adding your helpful and expert style without the need for excessive music or fluff. Thank you so much!

  9. I first found you five years ago when I watched your review for the Note 4. For years, I’ve searched YouTube trying to find your channel again and viola, you were recommended to me today by YouTube. After four years of searching, it feels so good to have you back in my life for real reviews!

  10. Not related to MBP 16 but the colour of MBPs

    At least a change to all reviews showing SPACE GRAY

    I like my MBP in SILVER

    Silver is not going anywhere.. Classic, classy and will last longer than space grey

    Enjoy space grey for iPhone and iPad, less so for MBP..
    MBP in space grey are not different enough from Windows laptops

  11. Lisa, I’ve been getting reviews saying that the new speakers are a lot less louder than the previous model. People seem to agree that the seperation and bass is much improved, but I’ve seen 3 reviews now saying that its not nearly as loud as the 15 inch models. I’ve tried out the 16 inch’s speakers in the store and couldn’t tell because they don’t have 15 inch ones in the store anymore and it’s really noisy in the store. What do you think of this? Is the volumn really that much less? Should I be worried?

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