31 thoughts on “10 Tips for Surviving Fire Emblem: Awakening

  1. How about using frederick to chip enemies and then bringing the weaker units down to kill since Frederick clearly doesn't one round as seen in the video

  2. just buy lots of reeking boxes, level up 2 character to tier 2 level 5-10 boom here you go. I saved your 13 minutes 50 seconds and this tip is actually useful.

  3. Video: people who probably didn’t get kellam in chapter 4 don’t learn from that and become a noob for the whole game

  4. "Don't just have Frederick or your main guy go in to take all the xp"
    This is basically what I am doing as a Fire Emblem noob and my first run to Fire Emblem Awakening

  5. Limited LV? If you do a challenge you always get a 1.000 gold with 1.000 gold you can buy 2 reeking boxes. 2 reeking boxes meen 2 challenges and 2 challenges means 2.000 gold (at least). So that means you can get infinity challenges and infinity challenges mean infinity LV's.

  6. My archers and mages are ALWAYS in the back, I never throw them out front, they’re too valuable

    Also, you’re taking valuable exp away from weaker units by having Fredrick at the front lines. I really only use him to get other characters across the map faster, but I benched him as soon as I had enough units.

  7. Soooo I bought fire emblem…it's very cool, an since I've played a lot of shining force I figured…well I'll start on Hard…Guess what…it's rly hard…..

  8. This is all explained in the tutorial, IGN – and things you should work out as you play more, because players aren’t hopeless infants that need their hands to be held the entire time.

    This sounds like a guide for people who are too slack to think for themselves…and if that were the case for some people, why would they be playing this game, of all games – let alone any video game, (as a lot of them do tend to require some autonomous thinking)?

    For people who claim to be experts, your gameplay here clearly suggests otherwise as well. >_>

  9. "Be prepared".
    doesn't use Sumia on a map with a bunch of cliffs and replaces her with a swordless Marth
    Gotta a few questions on what this video is suppose to do.

  10. I know this is old but if anyone is getting into fire embelm but your using this as a guide for all te games don't use this for the love of god look for a fire emblem channel for a review because they know what they are talking about

  11. WTF did you put the Avatar WIELDING A TOME BESIDE A MELEE UNIT??!!!!?!?!! REEEEEEEEEE
    Edit: Use an iron sword on a brigand instead of a hammer, and it's supposed to be the Jagen chipping not the others

  12. Next time you do a fire emblem tutorial make sure the gameplat is supporting the speech and that you get someone who knows what your doing

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