Playing through Fire Emblem Awakening before the launch of Fire Emblem: Three Houses! This was pre-recorded on Twitch, but is now being premiered on YouTube while we’re away at Anime Expo!

Ironman means if we lose a unit… They’re permanently lost. No resetting, no loading, no nothing! Who will be the first to go?!

The Premiers are all out of whack, check out upcoming streams in this playlist!:

We’ll be continuing this playthrough on YOUTUBE Friday at 12:30PM PDT moving forward until the end of July!

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31 thoughts on “【 FIRE EMBLEM AWAKENING 】 Part 1 | Ironman – Normal | Beginning | AX Away Streams!

  1. I originally thought "dastard" was Nintendo censorship, but lo and behold: Dastard – a dishonorable or despicable person.

  2. I feel like I'm doing this backwards, but Three Houses made me want to go back and watch the Awakening run. This should be fun…I hope.

  3. 20:26 is where the gameplay (or at least the cutscene) starts. Just decided to put this here because these 2 took way too long making the avatar and it is kind of annoying to find where the game starts yourself. You can thank me later

  4. You can easily calculate how much damage you or an enemy will do by adding up your/their attack/magic stat with their weapon’s power, then subtracting your/their defense/resistance. If someone has 5 more speed than the opponent, they’ll be able to attack twice in one battle. I don’t remember how to manually calculate accuracy, though.

    However, even if you don’t know how much damage they’ll do, I think you’re trying to play way too safely. This isn’t Hard or Lunatic difficulty; enemies, especially at the very beginning, aren’t meant to one-shot your units unless you put your healer or someone with equally low defenses on the front line. Frederick is hardly a necessary shield, and he’ll just take up all the experience this way, as well as wear down his very expensive Silver Spear that should only be used in emergencies until you’re able to buy them (which is quite a bit later in the game).

  5. I literally have no interest in watching a Normal Mode Run of any Fire Emblem game, especially one as easy as Awakening.

  6. As long as Donnel survives I'll be happy. He was the character I had by the end of my first playthrough. He destroyed everything he fought, his weapons lasted longer, and he made money through fighting. He was the best.

  7. Woah, that's my avatar, from appearance down to the boon and bane. The only (and I mean only) thing I did differently was her hair color.

  8. Holy! First you play the Kingdom Hearts Series, now you play Fire Emblem! You're working your way through my favorites. I suppose that means it's time to sub!

  9. Remember if Awakening didn't sell as well as it did we may have never gotten Fates, Shadows Of Valentia, or Three Houses. Amazing to see the series savior in a fresh Play through again

  10. im rlly behind on like watching old videos (working through aa right now) and this is my first time seeing no beard and i just about had a heart attack when i saw it

    i am excited to watch you guys place this tho! it's my first and only played fire emblem game (i really wanna get the new one!) and i really really enjoyed playing it. chrom, gaius, and henry are all my husbands (although i only ever married chrom the couple of times ive played dkksks)

    my first save file i named myself emery and had to change it right away as soon as they said "emmeryn" bc i was like oh no too similar haha

  11. I was super hype to watch you guys play and decided to play alongside you since, I myself never finished the game! So this will be fun!

  12. My Nyanaversy was Monday but I unfortunately could not make any streams (or premiers in this case) recently because I was in Texas for a travel swim meet. So I just want to say know that you guys are the actual heckin best. I first saw y’all when you were finishing danganropa 2 but didn’t stick around for long because I wasn’t in the mood for danganropa. I later saw you guys finishing kh1 and that’s my true first time watching a stream. Chat was great y’all were great and the game was great. I also decided after that I always wanted to be present for the last stream of a game. I plan to keep that promise going strong. I can’t believe it’s already been one year, and I can’t wait to see what this next year of hanging around on this Channel will bring. Y’all become my favorite, (and my dads favorite [ we’ve been playing through the KH series and for the game I don’t want to play I show him your vods]) youtubers. Thanks for basically always being there after a hard practice or day.

  13. Omg I just started watching you guys again because I was busy these past few months and I'm shook seeing how different Clay look now. Crazy how men can look so different just by shaving their beard. Tom too! Are you exchanging your aesthetic? XD Both of you look good though! Can't wait to see who you'll choose to marry <3

  14. Admittedly slightly disappointed that you didn’t chose male, no changes and default name Robin. Not saying I don’t like female Robin but I like to marry Lucina and be best friends with Chrom, thank you very much.

  15. The footless legs was a limitation due to Intelligent Systems not having prior experience with the 3DS. They fixed that in Fates.

  16. This was the first FE game I played and I cant believe how much fun I had with strategy RPGs.

    Edit: Your avatar Clay is literally mine just with like an Olive Green hair color.

  17. So by no DLC, does that also mean they're not going to do the SpotPass quests? I was really hoping they would go for some of the optional characters if only for the Support conversations.

  18. Very excited you guys are delving into my favorite series of all time, with KH being a close 2nd. Though many people recommend Awakening for first timers (myself included) it does spoil the player with a lot of quality of life that isn't in other games. Such as having access to enemy range, and the pair up mechanic a huge handicap because it's so busted in this game. But it also goes into incredibly hard sections with other mechanics that you'll see later, harder then the rest of the series debatably. And the map design is…certainly there.

    Story wise though I adore this game along with it's characters. Some are meh, but a majority of them are great. That and there are many references to FE1 (11), 2 (15), 3 (12) and even 4. Though of course these are all little nods, very nicely put in. It's a fantastic story that trys very hard to do many things. Can't wait to see you play more.

  19. Can’t remember if you saw my chat message during the video but to answer why they have peg feet it’s because they were inexperienced with the graphics and couldn’t figure out how to properly do feet

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