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46 thoughts on “⭕ FUJIFILM GFX100 CONCLUSIONS & Review ⭕ Crossover Medium Format

  1. I'd place a hardened leather or custom wood grip for the bottom handle. I keep dreaming of mines showing up at the door ….. oh man i'm excited

  2. I can't fine the free book that you talked about in the video that discussed the available light shooting using front curtain.

  3. I used the GFX 100 on portraits handheld and I was amazed by the beauty and quality of colour tonality which matches that of Renaissance paintings even on Jpgs. On Raw files it's superb. The Ibis is a killer of medium format competitors. I find it hard to justify the GFX50s.

  4. and of all the beasts of the field the Lord God made, the serpent was the most cunning… Clearly Ken is an intelligent man with a deep, cold, bitter, dark side who uses his laughter, pretense to stand for truth and zero monetary interest to win the trust of the weak masses. He is a Fuji fanatic, hates and despises other successful photographers because he secretly rejects any professional who doesn't have as an extensive knowledge into the technical side of it as he professes to have. He is obsessed with the lime light and wants more light on him by diminishing others' light. Won't be long till he is seen for the crooked serpent he is. Terribly cunning man with a dark, manipulative intelligence. I respect his knowledge of technical things nonetheless. Just my little 2 cents… www.glenaboluphovid.com . Instagram @glenaboluphotography . bye guys.

  5. Interesting to hear about the shutter release button on Fujifilm cameras. The thing is that I own a X100F which I really love, but there is just only one single thing I don't like and that is the release button. It's so short and 'hard'. Im used to Canon dslr's and they have a much better trigger point. Is this the reason why so much X100 owners buy these ugly soft release buttons? I think I'm gonna give it a try…

  6. I am not familiar with the term fan boy so could someone enlighten me if it is a derogatory term or a term of endearment?
    Also great camera i want one too

  7. Just curious is you've done any long exposures at high ISO. Say 10-20 seconds. Is there any amp glow? Thanks. Forgive if you've answered that. I haven't watched the whole thing yet.

  8. I enjoy your videos… why don't you do any Canon related stuff? such as Canon lenses for your fuji or underrated Canon lenses

  9. I have waited a very long time for this camera to get invented. It is perfect for my style of shooting, thank you all of your explanation and reporting of facts from use, via experience.

  10. the first 4 minutes show, why your review ist better than most other reviews. Knowing the details and what they do, never saw that from other youtubers.

  11. Thanks for the review. Looks like an amazing camera and it's going to be interesting to see if it becomes a 'legend' as you suggest. Cheers

  12. I love the analogy "X-H1 on steroids". It's very accurate 😂.
    Thank you Ken for another great video! I thoroughly appreciate your Fuji tips and tricks books. I hope you don't mind me sharing your link to the book with other people, mainly ones that are looking to get into the Fuji system, it would be nice if they made a donation too 😄

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